Trip Grading

Adventure Holiday Grading

We want you find the trip that’s right for you to make your holidays memorable ones. Our adventure holidays have been graded as easy to most strenuous depending on their degree of activities and general travel difficulties. Please use this grading system as a guideline to determine which trips are the best suits for you for your Himalayan adventure.



This is the 'easiest' trekking adventures. Easy trekking by Himalayan standards is normally up to 2500 m. There will be ample ups and downs on well-maintained trails. A moderate level of physical fitness is required with flexible and open minded approach. The trek will be of 3 to 5 days and you may be hiking 3 to up to 6 hours a day.



Daily walk of 4 to 7 hours with plenty of ascents and descents through rolling countryside on good passable trails. Altitude ranges from 900 m. to below 4000 m. and night temperature could drop significantly. A good level of physical fitness is required and a flexible, open-minded approach is essential.


Strenuous / Challenging

Trek of more than 13 days with daily walking of 4 to 8 hours through mountain terrain with steep ascents and descents. Altitude ranges between 1000 m to 5000 m with a high altitude pass above 5000 m. Night's temperatures can be at freezing point. A good health condition and level of physical fitness is required and a flexible, open-minded approach is essential.


Very Strenuous

Trek and climb of more than fifteen days through mountainous terrain with steep ascents and descents (hiking up or down 2,000 - 3,000 ft) on very difficult grounds. Basic mountaineering skill is required for this kind of trek. Night's temperatures will be below freezing point at some places. Altitudes will often exceed 4000 m. with some days’ trekking above 5000 m.


Most Strenuous

6 to 8 hours daily hikes and climbs at extremely high altitude mountainous terrain. Camping, walking through glaciers, and hiking at extremely high altitudes (over 19,500 ft) crossing one or more passes of over 6,000 m. of altitude. Knowledge of mountaineering skill is required. Nights will be very cold with freezing temperature. Trekking peaks (like; Island Peak, Mera Peak, Pisang Peak etc.) climbing falls under this grade.


Thing to be noted:

Please keep in mind that the grading system is not a straightforward measure of how far you are walking. Rather it is an overall indication of how tough it will be and it takes the account of the number of walking hours, altitude gain/ loss and trail conditions (rough, steep uphill trail etc.) and usual temperatures. It should be considered as a guideline only. So even a trek is graded easy it does not mean you will never feel tired!