“Make a huge difference to the lives of underprivileged or special needs children / communities through volunteering”. 

Volunteering will be a wonderful experience as it enhances the relationship between the people and volunteers who seek a heartfelt life-changing experience in the life of those who are desperately in need of help to bring some good changes in their lives to lead a better life. Therefore, if anyone is interested in this humanitarian work in Nepal, opportunities are available in many parts of Nepal, in both rural and urban areas.

Nepal is beautiful, diverse, and exotic land and the people here are very friendly and unforgettable. Your time here will be spent pleasantly and safely among communities who are very grateful for your presence to bring some positive changes. Through our placement for volunteering activities in the homes of Nepalese families, where you share the daily life experience of the average Nepalese people and their cultures while working in their community. Therefore, you can experience the rich culture of Nepal society as well while making a real difference in the lives of Nepalese people through volunteering.

We offer a wide variety of programs to suit your talents, skills and passions. We are also ready to work with you to design a unique program that meets your goals. However, the volunteers have to afford for travel or any other expenses since we don’t have any special offer for volunteers. 


You can volunteer especially in the following sectors in Nepal. Please contact us for further details.

- Teach English in Local Schools of Nepal

In this program you are placed in government and community schools across Nepal to teach English. It is a great opportunity to gain experience and test your teaching skills. You do not need any teaching experience or qualifications to volunteer on this project.

Schools will provide text books to follow however; we highly encourage you to bring your own materials such as songs, stories etc to make the class more fun on your own way. You may be working with a Nepali teacher or take the class on your own. You’re sure to learn as much as you teach in gorgeous Nepal and with well behaved and positive students ranging in age from 7 to 14.

- Teach English in Monasteries of Nepal

This is a good opportunity for people who want to teach English in monasteries of Nepal as you will be placed in monasteries to teach English. The goal of this program is to give monks a chance to improve their English language and writing skills especially the young one as most monasteries in Nepal lack the funds to provide effective English language training. We highly encourage you to bring your own text books and other teaching materials such as stories, songs etc if possible. Native or fluent English speakers with or without formal teaching experience can contribute greatly for this program.

- Work in Health Care Sectors of Nepal

This is a great opportunity for people who want to work in health care projects of Nepal. Working on a medical and health care sector in Nepal is a unique experience as there is an obvious lack of health care education and medical services in the country. In this program, you will be placed in health posts / hospitals of Nepal and will assist in performing health checks, creating medical records and conduct health camps going from villages to villages to give basic medical assistance to locals who can't afford to go to hospitals to get health services. You can also conduct health classes in government schools to educate children about basic health, nutrition and do's and don'ts.

- Work in Community Projects of Nepal

This program is perfect for those who really want to get things done and work with local people as the program is designed to help local communities to develop projects such as construct school and health care buildings, water lines, agricultural work and any other construction projects. Activities include building or renovating a village school / health post, carrying out painting or maintenance work even building or repairing chairs / desks etc. working together with local people. Projects will be determined based on community needs.

- Involve in Environmental Conservation

The environmental issue has become a talk of the town in recent days due to the ongoing global warming. Therefore, this programs focus on spreading ecological awareness and developing safer environmental practices to ensure a greener, cleaner, healthier environment for future generations. While volunteering on this program, you will help communities to promote the conservation of the forest, water, land, biodiversity and other natural resources of Nepal creating awareness among local people about the importance of environment. This program is ideal for anyone interested in "going green" to bring positive environmental changes to make the earth better place to live for the future generations.

Please contact at: info@sherpaworldadventure.com / sherpaworldadventure@gmail.com for further details