Trekking in Nepal means travel on foot for short to long duration in the mountains. By walking through the mountains of Nepal, you will come to understand why this country has captivated the hearts of mountaineers and explorers for over a century. Whether you are looking for a wilderness experience or a classic trek, the country has everything to offer. Regardless of where you go, you will encounter a great diversity of geography, climate and ethnicity.

During the trek travelers spend nights either staying at simple lodges or at camps. They are accompanied by a trekking guide, porter(s) and other crew who know about the area, people, their culture and customs. Trekking trails pass over varied terrain, sparsely settled villages with local values & culture, dark green forests, hidden valleys, national parks, river banks, gorges….. encountering panoramic mountain vistas as the backdrop.

Besides natural beauty another great highlight of trekking in Nepal is the interaction you will have with the local people in the villages along with an opportunity to observe their diverse cultures, practices and traditions as the mountain people of Nepal are very enterprising, friendly and welcoming.

We offer different styles of treks and trips across Nepal such as classic, adventurous, cultural, luxury, and family. These treks could be either Camping OR Tea-house (Eat and stay in mountain huts along the trails) or a combination of both depending on the area you would go or choice of clients. Each trek will be led by our experienced guides and accompanied by friendly crew.

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Everest Region Trekking

The Everest region of Nepal is one of the best known trekking routes in the world. This is also the home of the highest mountains in the world attracting trekkers, climbers and researchers over the years.  Also, the region gives insight into the lifestyle of the Sherpa people who are considered the best mountaineers in the world. Many trekkers used to walk in from the road head at Jiri, through the lovely rolling hills of the Solu region.  But, nowadays most of the trekkers prefer to f ...

Annapurna Region Trekking

This region lies west of Kathmandu and north of Pokhara covers a distance of 200 km.  Being encircled by massive mountains, Annapurna One (8091m) and Dhaulagiri (8167m), isolated by Kali Gandaki River with the deepest gorge of the world, this region offers the perfect mix of diverse culture, ethnic groups and scenic grandeur where beauty feeds nature lovers. The upper highland of the region has incredible natural beauty rather than the lower part. Sunrise over the famous Mt. Annapurnas, Mt. ...

Langtang Region Trekking

The Langtang region is another popular trekking destination of Nepal in terms of religious and cultural perspectives as well as the incredible wealth of natural surroundings. Combination of all these make Langtang region the most well-known trekking paradise on the planet. The Langtang valley is located only 19 miles north of Kathmandu, close to the border of Tibet. This is encircled by Langtang National Park teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Most of the trekking trails of Langtang region st ...

Eastern Region Trekking

The eastern region of Nepal is quite remote and unexplored as compared to other trekking regions in Nepal. However, it is quite popular for challenging and longer treks offering endless variety of places to explore the indigenous villages represented by different ethnic groups such as Rai, Tamang, Sherpa, Limbu, Brahmin, Chhetri and others having their unique diverse culture. The region is also rich in flora and fauna and it may be of great interest to researchers to study on butterflies, other ...

Western Region Trekking

Trekking into this region offers the adventure seekers an opportunity to explore the remote, rugged land of elevated hidden valleys, alpine meadows, virgin forests, medieval villages, high mountain passes and ancient cultural diversities. The region still holds the remnants of the bygone era, and one can find sculptured temples, stone pillars and carving in the desolate Tibetan-like plateau. The geographical beauty and cultural diversity attracts foreigners to this region but they need to have a ...

Newly Opened Treks

Nepal has recently opened some rewarding new trekking routes across the country. Most of these newly opened treks are in the most remote areas of the country where primitive life still prevails, customs and lifestyle of the people are still unchanged. On these new trekking routes trekkers can observe isolated villages, rare and distinct cultures of the local people and topography. These are the best trekking routes for intrepid travelers as well as those travelers who want to enjoy the pristine ...

Short Trekking

Short treks are ideal for those trekkers who don't have enough time to do long trekking in Nepal but still want to see glorious view of snow covered peaks, local people and their unique cultures and green hills.  So we offer any no. of days highly personalized trekking and hiking packages to those travelers considering their time-frame to make their dreams come true.