The heli tour is specially designed for those who can not go for a week long trekking in the Himalayas but still want very much to enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal within a very short period of time. In such cases, the heli tour really helps to make those peoples' dream come true. Nepal has some of the most spectacular locations in the world and travelling through helicopter is a fantastic way of experiencing the beauty of this Himalayan country. Catch breath-taking views from the sky while helicopter ferries you safely and conveniently to exotic places of scenic beauty with snow capped mountains and religious reverence.

The Nepal's Himalayan range in the north has several peaks that are over 6000 m, of which 8 summits are among the world's tallest above 8000 m including Mt. Everest (the tallest on the earth). While the fertile land in the south known as 'Terai' boasts of abundant wildlife. To add more to your itinerary, you have the Kathmandu valley with its ancient cities, temples and monasteries, and the Pokhara Valley with its beautiful lake side town nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. Visit to all these areas can be managed within a couple of days by helicopter. The helicopter services industry in Nepal is now well established with many types and categories of helicopters. The pilots are very professionals with thousands of flying hours experience in Nepal along with excellent reputations and proven records for dependable emergency and rescue flight operations.

Here are some memorable and exciting heli tours that we have designed just for you.


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