About Us

Sherpa World Adventure is a leading adventure trips operating company operated by a highly qualified and experienced team specializing in arranging a wide range of travel services throughout Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. The company is especially expertise in organizing full scale of Trekking, Mountain Expedition, Peak Climbing, Rafting, Tours, Jungle Safari, Mountain Biking, Mountain Flight, Paragliding and other various adventurous activities in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. The company also specializes in tailoring trips and expeditions for family, individuals and groups who like to travel in a different way by customizing the trips.

The company has a strong network of competent staffs and resources to maintain high standard of professionalism and quality services that the travellers need while travelling (Whether it be in the mountains or somewhere else). Our long experiences in travel and tourism field have given us a thorough knowledge and understanding of all the factors that play important role into making a memorable, rewarding and unique journey for our valued clients.

Using our experience and expertise, we create a unique walking and climbing holidays and take you to the world of your dream destinations. Our style and spirit of travel is relaxed with a sense of fun and enthusiasm with a passion to share special places and off the beaten path destinations with fellow travellers and like-minded individuals. Whatever yours abilities and goals, a journey with us will awake your spirit of discovery, nourish your dreams and aspirations and enrich your understanding of the world around you.

We offer something for everyone at any age, skill or ability level. Therefore, If you are also looking for exciting and unique holiday trips in the Himalayas or elsewhere then, we are here to offer you an outstanding and a highly personalized trip to suit your time, interest and budget in order to make your once in a life-time journey completely different and memorable ones. So come and explore the Himalayan world and other dream destinations with us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a highly personalized and quality service to our valued clients by paying attention to all the factors that play important role into making a unique, memorable and rewarding journey of a life-time.

Apart from that being a company that involves in bringing people to the Himalayan land, we are also very much concerned and committed to preserve the pristine Himalayan environment that has been degrading in recent days due to the increased numbers of visitors to the area, and not being that environment friendly while doing / operating a trip.

Himalayan lands are the finest hiking trails in the world with superb views and we are always committed to save this wonderful gift of the nature for our future generations strictly following the norms and values of responsible tourism. We firmly believe that operating trips in a responsible way can help to increase the quality of traveller's experiences as well as help to maintain and protect ecosystem and biodiversity of the region. We travel by preserving the natural habitats, cultures, monuments & landscapes which ultimately protects the viability of tourism businesses as well contributing to the well-being of local communities, mountain eco system and all stakeholders.